About Me

Hey my name is Laura and I'm 16 years old and doing Ty this year. My blog is about my year in Ty. I will write about the year and activites we do throughout ty.

Friday, 13 December 2013


Last Wednesday we went to Dublin to sell Holly for the ISPCC (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). We got there at ten in the morning and were greeted by representatives of the charity who told us what were going to be doing and why it is important. Over 1,000 children call in to Childline over the Christmas holidays.
             We chose a partner who we were going to be selling the Holly with. We each got a collection box, a box of Holly and a top with ISPCC volunteer written on it. Anna and I were selling outside Abercrombie and Fitch (it smells so good!). We volunteered from half ten until half two and then we got our lunch. It was a great day and I really enjoyed myself.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Road Safety Talk

Yesterday for a school trip we were brought to the RSA safety talk with other schools to show us the consequences of reckless driving and what we can do to prevent it. We got to walk around and ask at different stalls what they were doing as part of it. One school was there as part of their mini company to promote people taking taxis after a night out in the pub so there are no drunk drivers, I radio was there and a robot cop from America was also there. We were taken into a room where we were showed video's of crashes and there were people there to talk to us about the crashes.
           It was a really good and informative day out for all of TY.

Monday, 2 December 2013


So for the last few weeks instead of doing P.E. a zumba instructor has been coming in to teach us Zumba. Its been so much fun but really tiring its such a good way to get fit. We learn dances to popular songs and copy what she's doing. Some of the dances are so fun and upbeat I love it. I have also taken it up outside school with some girls from my class which is so much fun. I don't want it to end in school and go back to normal P.E. in school and I will definitely keep it up outside school.

Friday, 22 November 2013


Our school is taking part in a new project called Schools Across Borders. Where we as students can connect with and talk to students from countries such as Palestine and Burma where there is conflict to see what their lives are like and what we can do to help.
                                    Yesterday as part of SAB we went to City West for a talk on the program and to talk to students from Palestine and Burma in person and see why this is important to them and also to talk to the other schools involved in the project. We got to talk to NGO's and see what work they are doing and how it can help us in our project. It was a really good day as we got to see what the other schools are doing as well as seeing why it is important for us to be doing the project.
                                  For more information visit http://www.schoolsacrossborders.org/

Friday, 15 November 2013

Trip around Dublin

Yesterday we went to Dublin for an English trip we went to then national library for a W.B. Yeats exhibit, the national museum to see the bog bodies and the national gallery to see paintings by John Yeats. I found the gallery really interesting as the paintings by John Yeats as I saw his style of painting changed hugely as he grew older. I liked his last works the bet as when you first looked at the painiting all you see is a chaotic mess but as you look closer and focus you start to see shapes and figures forming in the painting that tells a story.
                                   I liked the Yeats exhibit because we got to see what his life was like and what his other interests were besides poetry. We learnt that he was part of a cult for mystical creatures and that he loved the theatre. The bog bodies were my least favourite as the bodies creeped me out and I didn't like looking at the decaying old bodies.
                                  My favourite part of the day was lunch as we got to go to McDonalds, walk around Grafton street amd go into the different shops.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Work experience almost over!

Only three weeks left of my work experience in Boots. It has been such a good experience working with people and the customers most of them were so friendly and nice. I loved talking to them and helping them find what they need. It was hard work because it's coming up to Christmas and everyones looking for Christmas presents and getting stuff for the holidays but I liked the atmosphere of the shop. I loved working in the different departments like cosmetics and pharmacy and with the people who worked there.

Friday, 8 November 2013


A little while ago we got to miss a whole day of work for a road safety talking where we were told about the dangers of the road, we were showed videos of crashes and what happens to the people after if they survive how their life is completely changed and how they deal with the situation. It is so scary to think that could happen to anyone at any stage and you have no control over it. We were showed what people were thinking before they made the stupid decision that resulted in people getting killed or injured.
                                  In the afternoon after the videos we got to take a mock theory test to see what the questions are like and what areas we need to study for. I passed mine on the first go even though we didn't get to study and I am thinking of taking my real one soon after studying for it this month so I am one step closer to driving.

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts!

This is week in work experience was so busy coming up to Christmas is very busy for Boots as people are buying presents for their family and friends so I had to help them find everything they need and recommend different gifts for people. The store was packed, it was such a different atmosphere from normally but it was good. I also had to put away a lot of stock as we had a delivery and price checked items. I love helping and talking to the customers because they are mostly so nice and friendly plus it makes me really excited for Christmas, I can't wait!

Monday, 14 October 2013

How to create a collage using picmonkey

First of all open up a search engine e.g google chrome and search 

On the top centre of the page there should be a button that says create a collage. When you hover the mouse over it, it should say click to start or drag images here click on it. 
 (It should look like the above images)

Press open photos and open the folder on your computer that you wish to take your photos from, you can chose more than one photo and if the layout that comes up does not suit you, you can change it by clicking the second tool on the far left which looks like.
 This gives you a choice of layouts chose the one best suited to you
Then just press save located on top of your collage and then it will show you an overall view of your collage press save to my computer

 and you are finished enjoy:)

Friday, 4 October 2013


Ty trip to Pearse Museum 

As part of Ty for Irish we were taken to an old house and school in Dublin to learn about Patrick Pearse who was trying to help keep the Irish language among kids and teenagers. The day was filled with laughs as we waked around the gardens and museum comparing life there to life now and learning about the past and what it was like to live then. 
     We were taken around the house and into different rooms where the family lived and we saw how their love for Irish was part of their everyday lives.
    All in all the day was such a good day taking pictures with friends in different parts of the site, videoing our whole year running through the forest and seeing Mrs. L run in heels hysterically through the forest.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Results! Results! Results!

The morning of Results was the most nerve racking day I've ever had, you know you are about to find out how much all your hard work (or guess work) paid off and it is what the first three years of school has been building up to.
      That morning my mum dropped me at the school and I met up with my friends. We were talking about how we hope we do okay and what we were doing that night to celebrate the end of third year for once and for all. We were brought into the hall and given a speech on how most people got outstanding results which did calm my nerves a bit. We were then put into our classes and given our results.
    As I opened my results I felt my stomach turn with excitment I was over the moon with my results, I almost cried I was so happy. I ran over to Anna and saw she was crying with happiness we then went over to  the rest of our group who were also happy! We knew this would make our night even more amazing.
    That night we all went to Emma's to get ready for Time getting ready with my girls made my night we had so much fun taking pictures and laughing about everything. We had such a great night dancing and talking to everyone it was the perfect way to end the day that is except for the fact we knew we had to get up the next day for school!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Workshop Wednesday

First week of TY is almost over and I can't believe it! I've had such a good week making new friends and working on projects. My favourite memory though would have to be our workshops on Wednesday which left everyone going home feeling happy and excited for the rest of TY.
        In the morning our first workshop was positive parties it was great fun! We all had floral neckalces and sweets. We listened to feel good music and played lots of games. We also played hocky poky but to the words of positive thinking and how to forget about bad decsisions, we learnt how to anchor good times in our life to help us when we feel down it was an amazing workshop and so much fun.
      In the next workshop we leant how to be confident and comfortable in ourselves by telling embarrassing stories they were so funny. We learnt how to see things from other people's perpesctives and see that two people can be right.
      The last workshop however was my favourite we learnt how to give a proper massage it was great fun and we learned loads of new skills. The whole class was in stiches laughing by the end of it but it was really relaxing at the same time.
     The first week of Ty has gone so fast but it was such a blast! I can't wait for the rest of TY!!

Monday, 2 September 2013

A new beginning...

Week 1 of my TY:

The first day of transition year went by so fast. It was so strange to see everyone who was in my year wearing kilts and green socks I'm still not fully used to it.
 After catching up with friends we were silenced by our year head coming Mrs. L to tell us what classes we were going to be in and talk to us about the year and what we will be doing. The classes this year were named after strong and empowered women I'm in the class Tereshkova all be it had to pronounce its a good name as she was the first women in space which was a marking point in history for women. Overall I am happy with my class as I am with my best friend and a few close friends but mostly there are new people which I am excited about becoming friends with and working with this year. 
 I am still not used to the idea of school and I definitely don't want to say goodbye to summer but I'm excited for a year of new subjects and different projects. I am really excited for the trips we are taking and the workshops as they will be a good chance to talk to people and make new friends. 
   Ty for me marks a new beginning for new friends, new skills lots of fun and activities but mostly a year to get to know myself and what I want for my future.