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Hey my name is Laura and I'm 16 years old and doing Ty this year. My blog is about my year in Ty. I will write about the year and activites we do throughout ty.

Monday, 2 September 2013

A new beginning...

Week 1 of my TY:

The first day of transition year went by so fast. It was so strange to see everyone who was in my year wearing kilts and green socks I'm still not fully used to it.
 After catching up with friends we were silenced by our year head coming Mrs. L to tell us what classes we were going to be in and talk to us about the year and what we will be doing. The classes this year were named after strong and empowered women I'm in the class Tereshkova all be it had to pronounce its a good name as she was the first women in space which was a marking point in history for women. Overall I am happy with my class as I am with my best friend and a few close friends but mostly there are new people which I am excited about becoming friends with and working with this year. 
 I am still not used to the idea of school and I definitely don't want to say goodbye to summer but I'm excited for a year of new subjects and different projects. I am really excited for the trips we are taking and the workshops as they will be a good chance to talk to people and make new friends. 
   Ty for me marks a new beginning for new friends, new skills lots of fun and activities but mostly a year to get to know myself and what I want for my future.

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