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Hey my name is Laura and I'm 16 years old and doing Ty this year. My blog is about my year in Ty. I will write about the year and activites we do throughout ty.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Results! Results! Results!

The morning of Results was the most nerve racking day I've ever had, you know you are about to find out how much all your hard work (or guess work) paid off and it is what the first three years of school has been building up to.
      That morning my mum dropped me at the school and I met up with my friends. We were talking about how we hope we do okay and what we were doing that night to celebrate the end of third year for once and for all. We were brought into the hall and given a speech on how most people got outstanding results which did calm my nerves a bit. We were then put into our classes and given our results.
    As I opened my results I felt my stomach turn with excitment I was over the moon with my results, I almost cried I was so happy. I ran over to Anna and saw she was crying with happiness we then went over to  the rest of our group who were also happy! We knew this would make our night even more amazing.
    That night we all went to Emma's to get ready for Time getting ready with my girls made my night we had so much fun taking pictures and laughing about everything. We had such a great night dancing and talking to everyone it was the perfect way to end the day that is except for the fact we knew we had to get up the next day for school!

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