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Hey my name is Laura and I'm 16 years old and doing Ty this year. My blog is about my year in Ty. I will write about the year and activites we do throughout ty.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Trip around Dublin

Yesterday we went to Dublin for an English trip we went to then national library for a W.B. Yeats exhibit, the national museum to see the bog bodies and the national gallery to see paintings by John Yeats. I found the gallery really interesting as the paintings by John Yeats as I saw his style of painting changed hugely as he grew older. I liked his last works the bet as when you first looked at the painiting all you see is a chaotic mess but as you look closer and focus you start to see shapes and figures forming in the painting that tells a story.
                                   I liked the Yeats exhibit because we got to see what his life was like and what his other interests were besides poetry. We learnt that he was part of a cult for mystical creatures and that he loved the theatre. The bog bodies were my least favourite as the bodies creeped me out and I didn't like looking at the decaying old bodies.
                                  My favourite part of the day was lunch as we got to go to McDonalds, walk around Grafton street amd go into the different shops.

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